The Three Rs

The Three Rs is my story.  At age 12, I watched my twin brother accidentally fall to his death.  At age 17, I was raped at knifepoint.  At 24, my first husband was killed in a car wreck.

By age 30, I had come from 5’2” and 176 lbs, to win 1st Place in the North American Nova Championship and 2nd in the World Galaxy Fitness Competition. 

The story between those two paragraphs is woven through the entire book.  But before you think The Three Rs is a book about my success, please know it isn’t.  It is about the process I walked through and the freedom I have today.  Freedom available for everyone …no matter what you may have been through.

You will also read multiple other startling and powerful stories.  But more than just stories, The Three Rs is a manual that can absolutely take you to a level of freedom and power that I am convinced the vast majority of Christians will never experience this side of Heaven.  I realize that’s a big statement, but I stand by it.  The church as a whole doesn’t teach what is in this book.  I have wondered for years if the church is even aware of it.

In my book, The Three Rs stand for "Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul and Reconstructing the Body".  And it capsulizes the belief that if people will master these spiritual basics, they can accomplish anything in the spiritual world.  And that the spiritual world reigns over the natural world.

The fact that I have finally finished this book is born out of a growing urgency in my spirit.  It represents a change of direction for me from business back to ministry.  I’m a Christian and my book is saturated with scripture.  If there is one scripture that sums up the urgent need I feel to get this message out, it is this…

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” 
~ Hosea 4:6

There are two ways to look at that scripture.  The first – and I think most common – is that without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we are eternally separated from God.  And that is true.  But The Three Rs deals with the second way:  Without the freeing knowledge in the scriptures that enables us to Renew the spirit, Restore the soul and – as a result of those two things – successfully Reconstruct the body, we are literally unable to fulfill our mandate on earth today.  Unable.

Salvation is critical.  But if it stops there, then we are saved – yet powerless.  And that is not a good message to send to the world.  We are not supposed to be powerless.  The Word is clear on that. 

What the church has created on the earth today, is an army of followers, too many of whom are bound by unseen chains and live in quiet prisons.  They love the Lord but are at a loss when it comes to actually fulfilling the Great Commission.  And there are very few churches that have the answers.  By and large, the Body of Christ appears anemic and irrelevant in today's world.  A world that desperately needs to see Christians walking in the same love, power and authority demonstrated by Jesus and the Apostles.

Christ intends for us to take dominion.  No matter our field of business or walk of life, we are given power and authority over our individual spheres of influence.  He wants us to impact the spiritual atmosphere in every room we enter.

My husband and I have discovered levels in the Lord that many never realize.  If you are willing to take the journey with me through these pages, and if you are willing to take on the responsibility that comes with it, then I believe The Three Rs will take you to the same place.

That is what this book is about, and it’s what the seminars are about.  The pages of this book not only walk you through my past and the pain I overcame, but it also is a handbook for spiritual freedom.  I invite you on the journey.

~ Amy Sever